Cavalry Range

Engage in some target practice, an interactive game, or a competitive scoring battle at our shady 3-sided archery pavilion. With our adapted range and equipment, anyone and everyone can succeed at MWC’s Cavalry Range.

Frontier Amphitheater

At FRONTIER AMPHITHEATER campers will feel the magic of camp at an opening campfire filled with songs, skits and s’mores, reminisce with their cabinmates at a closing campfire, or just hang out and enjoy the beautiful landscape! This fully accessible amphitheater is suitable for large groups, or small gatherings, daylight, or moonlight, excitement, or reflection.

Stage/Theater/ Costume Closet

Visit the Stage in HARTMAN HALL to channel your inner Shakespeare by putting on a play for all of camp, or dive into the Costume Closet to create an epic camp makeover.

Joy's Compass

Discover your direction at JOY’S COMPASS, a centrally located campfire site with Morgan’s signature butterfly wings guiding you North, East, South, and West.


MWC has partnered with the Edwards Aquifer Authority to bring you an immersive educational activity full of fun and adventure.

Quarry Fieldhouse

Play a light game of basketball, compete in head-to-head extreme relay races, channel your inner zen with a chill yoga session, or perfect the latest TikTok dance at QUARRY FIELDHOUSE. Here at this indoor gym, the possibilities are truly endless.


Beat the Texas heat and unleash your creativity at Maggie's - an arts & crafts center for all. Here you can sketch, paint, build, sculpt, carve, trace, weave, bead, or design, combine them all, or create whatever you dream. Creativity has no bounds, so here at Maggie's the limit does not exist!


Whether you are behind the camera, front and center of a photoshoot, or editor for the final frames, there is something for everyone at Photography.


Escape from the noise of everyday life and finally jump into that book you’ve been meaning to read but just haven’t had time for. At the Library you can curl up on a couch and enjoy some uninterrupted quiet time to immerse yourself in your new favorite book.

The Stockyard

At MWC's, 'The Stockyard' you can visit with a furry friend from a barnyard, or a reptilian friend from a jungle. You can learn about our animals in depth at a fun and interactive nature session, or simply pet and observe for a calmer nature session.

Spur Ranch

Put on your cowboy boots and head on down to SPUR RANCH to enjoy some good old-fashioned horseback riding. At Spur Ranch you can enjoy a quick walk around the arena or explore the trails with your new four-legged friend.


An essential part of childhood is exploring uncharted territory on a bike with your friends, so of course we have bikes suited for every ability here at Camp! Head on over to BIKE FLATTS to grab a bike and speed through the wilderness on our scenic bike trail, but don’t go too fast or you’ll miss VISTA CAVERN, our own on-site cave!

Fort Challenge

Experience the thrill of tackling multiple obstacles suspended in air and climb to new heights at FORT CHALLENGE! Our one-of-a-kind challenge course has two tracks for participants to play side by side mid-air both in and out of a wheelchair. One track is accessible by walking, and the other is accessible in a wheelchair. How cool is that?!

Canyon Run

Buckle up for a ride on CANYON RUN, Camp’s very own zipline adventure. At Canyon Run you can choose to travel 450ft or 700ft at the regular speed or a turbo speed for thrill-seekers. This ultra-accessible™ adventure has removable headrests, a box for ventilators, and a spot to store oxygen canisters to ensure adventure for all ages and abilities.

Stone Swing

Hop on our Stone Swing and experience the great outdoors from a height of your choice! At our Stone Swing, you can be hoisted above the treetops to start or opt for a more relaxing sway in the breeze. Either way, this activity is sure to be a hit!

The 4 Seas (C's)

Take a dip at the 4 SEAS, our luxurious waterscape featuring four water activities that can be run simultaneously, or as their own individual activities! At the 4 Seas you will find a large pool, relaxing river, splash pad, and a small heated pool. Our large pool has four junior Olympic lanes, beachfront entry, and a 12ft deep end for those thrill-seeking swimmers.