100-Plus Acres of Ultra-Accessibility™
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Welcome to Morgan's Wonderland Camp!
Entry Gate

We're extending a warm Wonderland welcome to campers and guests from near and far! Whether you're attending your first-ever summer-camp-type experience, or heading to a memorable evening event on the grounds, you'll be greeted by our well-known butterfly symbol, which represents inclusion and ultra-accessibility™ .
Entry Gate
Elevation and Plan
Morgan's Wonderland Camp is a secure 100-plus-acre facility being built for everyone's enjoyment, with guest safety as top priority.

Small Cabin
When you're visiting Morgan's Wonderland Camp, we want you to feel right at home.

You can relax onsite in one of our 20 accessible cabins while attending an overnight session at Morgan's Wonderland Camp.

Small Cabin
Plan and Layout
Small cabins at Morgan's Wonderland Camp will offer approximately 1,200 square feet of accessible living space. Each small cabin will be equipped with a kitchenette, three restroom stalls, roll-in showers, a bathtub, a washer and dryer, and beds to sleep up to 16 guests. In addition, all cabins within the 100-plus-acre camp will have screened-in porches, where guests can enjoy the outdoors within their home away from home.

Large Cabin
Onsite lodging will give groups the opportunity to experience the excitement of an overnight summer camp, while meeting the diverse needs of all our campers.

Large Cabin
Plan and Layout
Large cabins at Morgan's Wonderland Camp will provide more than 2,400 square feet of accessible living space. Our large cabins will have two identical bedrooms, separated by a common area with a shared kitchenette.
Groups can socialize in the common area, or opt to spend time in one of the two private sleeping quarters. Each sleeping area can accommodate up to 18 guests. Our large cabins will also offer three wheelchair-accessible restroom stalls, roll-in showers and a bathtub.

Health Center
Plan and Layout
The health center at Morgan's Wonderland Camp is essential for guest safety.Each camp group will rotate through our medical facility in order to assure important health information is shared with care providers. Guests will drop off any medications when they arrive and discuss proper administration of meds with the medical staff. The health center will be fully staffed at all times with a qualified team prepared to meet the individual needs of each camper.

Welcome Center and Dining Hall
Upon entering Morgan's Wonderland Camp, you'll head to the Welcome Center for check-in and to get acquainted with the grounds. We call our entrance the Welcome Center because it's a place where we want newcomers and returning campers to feel comfortable and welcome in their surroundings, similar to the experience at Morgan's Wonderland.
Welcome Center and Dining Hall
Plan and Layout
The Welcome Center will be home to staff offices and a 30,000-square-foot kitchen and dining hall that can accommodate up to 600 for breakfast, lunch and dinner as well as special events. Guests will also have the option to step out for some quiet time on one of the building's two covered porches.

An ultra-accessible™ zipline for riders of all abilities, will be one of many signature elements at Morgan's Wonderland Camp. Guests can opt to ride solo, or in tandem, and enjoy the thrill of being able to zipline through the rugged and scenic Hill Country just north of San Antonio.
Morgan's Wonderland Camp at a Glance
An ultra-accessible™zipline;
A stable and horses for horseback riding;
A nature farm to introduce campers to farm animals;
Multiple pools, a splash pad and a relaxing river;
An archery range;
An enclosed sports pavilion;
A challenge course with climbing walls for campers of all abilities;
An arts-and-crafts center;
Bicycle trails for two- and three-wheeled “bikes;”
An outdoor fire pit for camp gatherings;
20 cabins that can serve as home away from home for up to 525 campers and staff members;
A 30,000-square-foot Welcome Center, complete with kitchen and dining hall;
A 5,500-square-foot health center;
A camp store;
And much more!
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