There’s A LOT to do at Morgan’s Wonderland Camp!!

west Side Activities

fort challenge

Our challenge course has four climbing walls that campers of all abilities can enjoy, thanks to the original design and pulley system. The upper decks of the challenge course have a wheelchair ramp that allows an individual in a wheelchair to complete the course right next to someone without a physical disability.

canyon run

Our ziplines are the first in the world to allow people of all abilities to fly across the sky in style! We have two thrilling ziplines; one is 450 feet long, the other is 700 feet long. They’re both 11 stories high! Each seated zipline allows two people to zip up the wire side-by-side or ride all by themselves.  There are detachable head supports, a 5-point harness for individuals who need upper body support, an oxygen tank holder on the back, and a ventilator box. There are also variable speed controls to accommodate people of all abilities.

stone swing

How high can you fly?  This giant swing takes a team to operate! It is excellent for a group activity and shows how working together can be fun for everyone.  While the Morgan’s Wonderland Camp crew secures the campers into a harness and attaches it to the swing, it’s the group of people who have to pull the rope to raise the swing, then let it go and watch the camper soar!

Edwards aquifer authority
outreach center

In addition to the San Antonio Food Bank kitchen and the Bexar County Sheriff’s Office Morgan’s Substation, the Edwards Aquifer Authority (EAA) has a building on site. The EAA is creating a $2.5 million, 9,000 square foot Education Outreach Center that will broaden our understanding of how the aquifer functions and the critical necessity of safeguarding our primary source of drinking water.  The EAA will open its new center in the fall of 2021 and offer invaluable Community-Based Instruction (CBI) to schools, civic groups, and campers.

cavalry range

Test your targeting skills on Cavalry Range. You’ll find this archery range behind the Education Outreach Center, right off of a large covered deck that can accommodate up to 200 individuals for special events. 

spur ranch

Giddy up happy campers and start horsing around at our beautiful new barn that houses ten gentle horses, specially selected to allow everyone to ride and interact with them. Petunia, our donkey, is also a favorite. You can enjoy a trail ride around Camp, or you can take a horse ride around our covered ¾ acre arena.

the stockyard

Learn about animals and get hands-on experiences in our nature center. It’s housed in the Camp’s original barn, modified so campers can meet, interact and engage with small animals and even some interesting insects.  You can pet the pigs, sheep, and chickens and learn about different reptiles.

East Side Activities

Quarry Field House

Our enclosed sports pavilion is the perfect place to get your sports on! It includes both basketball and volleyball courts and is temperature-controlled.  If the weather is nice, open up the glass garage doors and let the fresh air in! 

Maggie's studio

Get artsy! Visit Maggie’s Studio, our large arts and crafts area where you can create artwork, utilize the digital photography studio for picture-perfect memories, or read a book in the library.

The four seas

Cool off from the Texas sun in our pool area.  This Ultra-Accessible™, fully-inclusive water area has something for everyone of every ability.  Unwind in our relaxing river, take a dip in our large activity pool that ranges in depth from 3 to 9 feet, or enjoy our warmed pool for hydrotherapy.  If that isn’t enough, then get soaked by cascading water from the tower at our splash pad. Our pools were made with everyone in mind!  The zero-entry pools allow for individuals in wheelchairs to effortlessly transfer from their chairs into the water.  We even have waterproof pneumatic wheelchairs.

bike flatts

Next to The Four Seas pool area is Bike Flatts, where you can enjoy bike riding on our 8-foot-wide concrete bike trails that wrap around the Vista Cavern cave. We have bikes for every ability! We have tandems, trikes, handcycles, recumbents, and bikes with training wheels for kids and adults.

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